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Osaka, Namba, nightlife tour - Pub Passport Osaka

- Why take a tour? -

   Osaka is famous for its nightlife, but that doesn't mean fun places are easy to find!  We'll guide you to a selection of unique bars and hidden pubs that we've discovered via a combined 20 years of alcoholic consumption.  Let us show your our favorite spots, and enjoy discounts and free giveaways at cool and quirky Osaka bars, pubs & clubs tourists don't usually get to see.

   Get a personal introduction to Osaka's legendary nightlife, and find the venues you'll keep coming back to while you're loving life in this grimy, funny, delicious city!

Osaka's best boutique bar tour!
Over ¥5,000 of free drinks, food & nightclub entry included!

- How much is the tour? -

   The tour is ¥6,000 per person!  For a combination of personally guided tour and free gifts worth over ¥5,000, that's a bargain!

- Do I get free stuff? -

   Yes, you get loads of freebies!  We'll start the tour with free takoyaki and snacks, as well as award-winning chicken deliciousness and other street/bar food as we go.  Your first drink in the first two pubs are free, and after that the first drink you buy in every bar we visit gives you at least ¥500 worth (about $5 USD) !  That means free shots, free food, two drinks for the price of one, and ¥1,000 off of nightclub entry!  Pub Passport provides you over ¥5,000 worth of free stuff in addition to your personal guide.

- How do I get on the tour? -

   Simply email us directly to book a tour.  You can check our calendar for tours that you can join, or if you have 3 or more guests we'll try to run a tour on the evening you desire!  Tours start at 8pm, visit 6-7 venues and last around 3 hours.  Simply tell us your name, the number of guests coming on the tour and a list of your available nights in order of preference.  We'll reply and see what we can do.

- What do I need to bring? -

   Bring ¥6,000 to join, a form of ID (if you want to visit a nightclub) and your sense of adventure.  There's no dress-code for the bars, but you might not get into nightclubs if you wear casual beach wear-style open-toed sandals.

- What do I get? -

   You get all of the following:

* Your own private guide to take you around the city and introduce you to the bars locals love to visit.
* Your own stylish pub passport with a handy map so you can get a feel for the inner city.
* Free snacks at several venues - try one of Osaka's most famous street foods!
* A free gift worth ¥500 when you buy your first drink in each bar we visit.

* ¥1,000 off nightclub entry at popular club "PURE".
* Free giveaways at several other bars and nightclubs not on our tour, so that you get free drinks and free entry even after the tour finishes.

Email us and organize your Pub Passport Osaka Nightlife Tour today!
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