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   - Who are we? -
  We are local Osaka residents who know and love this great city!  We're keen to introduce the best of Osaka to visitors here, things that locals love and most visitors don't get a chance to experience.  To that end we've made guides to some of our favorite places, as well as offer bicycles for rent and guides tours to great places to eat and drink around this great city.


  Feel free to let us know how we're doing and how you think we can improve.

   - Why give tourist advice? -
  Local advice is essential for making the most of your time in Osaka.  There aren't as many big-ticket famous sight-seeing locations as Kyoto and Tokyo, but it's the secret side, the local side of things that make this city such an amazing place to spend time in!  We aim to give you advice on food, bars, entertainment, shopping, things to do and more!  Let our decade-plus of experience help you make unforgettable Osaka memories. :)

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