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- Drinking in Namba -
   If you're looking for the best nightlife in Osaka, the famous "Minami" (South) is where you want to be.  When people say "Namba" they're talking about the area encompassing all 6 Namba stations, funky "Amemura" (American-town), "Shinsaibashi" and the area on the banks of the Dotonbori river.  Even in massive Tokyo you won't find anywhere with a greater density of bars, izakaya, pubs and clubs.  There's a reason why the nightlife in Osaka is so legendary, and you'll get to experience it soon!  Below is a map to give you a rough lay of the land.

- Meeting for the tour -
   We'll be in touch via email with a detailed  directions PDF file that will make finding our meeting place easy.

  Many people underestimate how difficult finding places in Japan is, especially in the no-name streets of Amemura & Shinsaibashi!  If you rely on our directions PDF, then getting to us should be easy for you.

- Are you excited yet? -

   Get ready for a fantastic night of drink, food and comedy in awesome Osaka!

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