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   Gyoza are awesome.  Although there are different ways to cook gyoza, in Japan the term generally describes “yaki-gyoza”, pan fried dumplings.  Gyoza are made by placing meat and vegetables filling inside a flour-based wrapper and then frying them in a pan.  In japan, they are often sold at ramen restaurants and are eaten dipped in a blend of soy sauce, chilli oil and vinegar.

   Gyoza tend to be eaten as side menu item, not your main course.  Prices depend mostly on how many you order, one serving commonly comes with 6 gyoza.

Price per serving:

¥300 ~ ¥500

   - Where can I eat it? -

   Any ramen restaurant, all izakayas and even lots of bars serve tasty fried gyoza.  They’re easy to freeze until needed, quick to prepare and perfect with a cool beer.

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