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   Tofu is a now-infamous food in the West, associated with vegetarians, vegans and dirty hippies.  But don’t be put-off if neither of those terms describes you - you don’t have to hug trees, grow dreadlocks or stop showering to enjoy Japanese tofu cuisine!


  Tofu is a truly versatile food that makes its way into all sorts of dishes, often accompanied by and accentuating the vegetables and meats that it is paired with.  Or you can go all-out and visit a specialist tofu restaurant to experience the surprisingly diverse ways you can prepare and consume this simple food.

Price per person:

¥???? ~ ¥???

   Yuba is a Japanese food most people haven’t heard of.  Yuba is the tofu “skin” that is skimmed off the surface during the processing of the soy beans into the finished tofu product.


   Yuba restaurants are particularly good for vegetarian and vegan diners, but the imaginative, tasty dishes you can make with yuba will surprise you and even meat-lovers might well enjoy this uniquely Japanese food.

   - Where can I eat it? -

Unfortunately, vegetarians and vegans have a bit of a hard time eating in Japan.  We have one great suggestion though.  It's near Namba called "Paprika" and it's in the restaurant guide.  Click the link below to access it directly.

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