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   Ramen is a recipe imported from China, but over hundreds of years has evolved into the distinctively Japanese dish known and loved over the world today.  After boiling, the “men” (wheat noodles) are shaken, placed in a bowl then have the soup broth poured on top.  The final touch involves adding toppings, such as “nori” (dried seaweed), seasoned “menma" (chinese bamboo shoots), “chashu” (roast braised pork), “kimchi” (spicy pickled cabbage) and a boiled egg.  There are various types of soups such as “Tonkotsu" (boiled-pork-ribs base), “Shoyu" (soy sauce base), “Miso” (soybean paste base), “Shio” (salt base), and you can eat them in almost all ramen restaurants.

   Ramen goes deliciously well with “gyoza” (fried dumplings), “karaage" (deep-fried chicken), and a cool beer.

Price per person:

¥700 ~ ¥1200

   - Where can I eat it? -

Ramen is incredibly common so you can find specialist ramen restaurants all over the place.  "Kinryu" or "Golden Dragon" is iconic with its large 3D statues all around Dotonbori, but although it's a quick satisfying meal (especially when drunk) it's not famous for being particularly good.  One of our favorites is near Namba, called "Zundoya."  Another great and easily accessible example is "Ippudo".  They're both in the restaurant guide.  Click the link below to access it directly.

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