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   Crab, or “Kani”, is a popular and prestigious food in japan, and Osaka is particularly famous for crab, as the iconic Dotonbori “Kani Douraku” sign suggests.  Traditionally, from November to March is the best season for crab, but you can eat it all year round.  Coming to Osaka and eating crab is a famous and popular tourist activity, so why not follow the crowd!  It’s a slightly expensive food though, depending on where you choose to eat.

  If you’re anything like me, you’re woefully ignorant of the variety of crabby ocean denizens you can eat in Japan, such as “zuwai-gani / zatsuba-gani” (snow crab), “taraba-gani” (red king crab), and “ke-gani” (hairy crab).  I prefer my crabs shaved personally, but when in Rome… :D

   There are also many different ways to enjoy your crab, such as “kani-nabe” (crab hot pot), “kani-zushi” (crab sushi), “kani-zosui” (crab rice porridge), “kani-miso”(crab brains), “yaki-gani” (grilled crab), “yude-gani” (boiled crab), “kani-shabu” (crab shabushabu), “kani-sashimi” and others.

Price per person:

¥???? ~ ¥????

   - Where can I eat it? -

Osaka is famous for crab and the large 3D crab signs on the Dotonbori are instantly recognisable.  Our recommendation though is close by in Amemura, near Namba.  It actually has an identical menu to Kani Doraku, but is a much prettier building and shouldn't be as hard to get into because it's outside the normal tourist hotspots.  It's in the restaurant guide, called "Animoto Honkan".  Click the link below to access it directly.

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