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Price per person:

¥1000 ~ ¥2000

Okonomiyaki, literally “as-you-like-it”, is a kind of Japanese-style pancake or pizza.  It’s famous as an Osaka food, but you can eat it anywhere in Japan, and Hiroshima is also famous for a type of okonomiyaki.  It’s served on a hotplate at your table and is a great food to share around.  Even fussy Western eaters (like my almost completely canivorous dad) usually love okonomiyaki.

  It’s a pancake made from a batter of eggs, flour, water, shredded cabbage.  When you order you choose your favorite ingredients to add - pork, shrimp, squid, octopus, beef, cheese, mochi, etc.  It’s served with a topping of “uista” (worcestershire) sauce, mayonaise, “katsuobushi” (dried bonito fish flakes), and “aonori" (thinly-ground seaweed).


  Another type of okonomiyaki in the Kansai region is “modanyaki”.  It has an additional layer of noodles inside the pancake but is otherwise the same.

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