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   Yakitori is essential grilled chicken, but there’s all sorts of other delicious titbits to try too.  Aside from the normal “momo” (leg) and “mune” (breast) you can order everything from the skin, internal organs, cartilage, and heart!  And as any warrior knows - eat the heart of the chicken, gain the strength of the chicken. ;)

   Yakitori is traditionally cut to bite-sized pieces, seasoned with salt, spice or “tare” (sauce), then grilled over an open fire and served on skewers.  Other common ingredients include shiitake mushroom, onion, sweet pepper, asparagus and many other delicious options.

   For those interested in grilled internal organs or “motsu-yakitori”, gizzard, liver and “hahtsu" (heart) are available to try.

Price per person:

¥???? ~ ¥???

   - Where can I eat it? -

   Yakitori is a very common food available in izakaya, festival stalls and yakitori restaurants too.  "Torikizoku" is one cheap, reliable favorite, and then there’s “Tsuki No Odori” that’s listed in our nightlife guide.  Click the link below for a convenient location in Namba.

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