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   Oden is a great Winter food of simple, limited ingredients boiled in a thin broth.  Although there are rare (these days) Oden restaurants, it's most commonly bought from convenience stores, where in colder months you'll see little troughs full of simmering ingredients near the counter.  It's cheap and tasty.  Don't be put off by the fact that it looks like left-pvers floating in dirty dish water, oden is a tasty and cheap way to eat and warm up during Winter.

You buy the food items you want by using the tongs to put them into the provided takeaway bowls, followed by ladeling in just a little broth to keep them warm and moist.  Then the clerk adds up what you've taken and you pay for it, nice and easy.  The prices vary a little but everything is cheap and filling.

Little yellow sachets of "karashi" (mustard) are a common condiment with oden, and they're free.  So feel free to take a few to spice up your meal.

Price per person:

¥300 ~ ¥800

   - Where can I eat it? -

   Your best bet is going to any convenience store and looking near the counter.  Only in the Winter months though, you won't find oden in Summer.

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