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   Shabu-shabu is an onomatopoeia named after how you dip the ingredients in the boiling broth - shabu, shabu - then eat.  There is a central pot of hot soup stock cooking on the table, and another plate with thinly sliced meat and vegetables.  Using chopsticks, you, dip the thinly-sliced raw meat in the boiling broth sparingly to cook (boil) it, then dipping it in your personal sauce dish before eating it.  Common sauces are “gomadare” (sesame paste sauce) or “ponzu” (a citrus sauce)

   Beef or pork are the most common meats used, but you can also find shabushabu made with fish such as “fugu” (poisonous globefish), “tako” (octopus), or “tai” (sea bream).  Other ingredients include tofu, “kuzukiri” (kuzu starch noodles), welsh onion, Chinese cabbage, garland chrysanthemum and shiitake mushroom and “daikon” (Japanese radish).

Price per person:

¥???? ~ ¥???

   - Where can I eat it? -

   Shabushabu is most commonly found in specialist restaurants like “Shabutei” in our restaurant guide.  Click the link below to check it out.

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